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"Dr. Mori Without Borders" is the Integration of all the activities of Dr. Kazuhito Mori. As such, the page consolidates a slew of different functions in the cyberspace such as SNS, Weblogs, Photo Albums, Resume, Downloading site and so forth.

Integrative Medicine, Human Science, Education, Clinical Pearl, Medical News, International Relations, Humanitarian Relief, Study Materials for Medical & Allied-Health Students will be posted here.


A history of mankind has never been peaceful, unfortunately since the very beginning. Have you seen TV news program without reporting crime or war ? Have you heard there was any country without warfare, conflict or diseases? Actually, the answer might be Yes, but it is still a few.

Nevertheless, there has always been something hopeful for sure. Though there may seem to be so many tragedic events nowadays, that does not necessarily mean that we all have to repeat them again.

Instead, we all must do something to make this world better.  There is no dawn without sunrise nor will there never be. My activity groups, was one of those hopes, built upon philanthropic idea & passion to change by taking actions. The power or technology we have must be nothing next to divine providence. Still, we all have those magnificent powers within as our potential. This is true humanity and spirituality. I hereby pursue the elucidation of our existence, potentiality for the benefit of our global peace & health.

[17th Aug 2002, La Jolla, CA, U.S.A.]

Dr. Kazuhito Mori, MSc, PhD